Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History | Fastest Bowler in the World in 2022

Top 10 Fastest Bowlers in Cricket History | Fastest Bowler in the World in 2022

Cricket is frequently viewed as the batsman's game. On infrequently occasions, bowlers likely to have an upper hand in spite of smaller frontiers, abundant-judge sock that aid to form life smooth for the batsman. However, many fast bowlers earlier have fashioned their mark accompanying any of their armaments that is to say pace, swing, and bounce. While pace for most batters presently is not a huge concern, still any tearaway fast bowlers have trained to bang groups accompanying their speed accompanying veracity.

The realm has seen few of the fastest bowlers the one have upset even high-quality in killing. Fast tenpins is a tough search out master and few express bowlers have shown their strength to bowl usually in nearly 90 5 per period.

List of All-time Fastest bowlers in Cricket History | Top-10

Bowler Country Fastest delivery Year and Opposition

Shoaib Akhtar


161.3 km/hr (100.2 mph)

2003 vs England

Shaun Tait


161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph)

2010 vs England

Brett Lee


160.8 km/hr (99.9 mph)

2005 vs New Zealand

Jeffrey Thomson


160.6 km/hr (99.8 mph)

1975 vs West Indies

Mitchell Starc


160.4 km/hr (99.7 mph)

2015 vs New Zealand

Andy Roberts

West Indies

159.5 km/hr (99.1 mph)

1975 vs Australia

Fidel Edwards

West Indies

157.7 km/hr (97.9 mph)

2003 vs South Africa

Mitchell Johnson


156.8 km/hr (97.4 mph)

2013 vs England

Mohammad Sami


156.4 km/hr (97.1 mph)

2003 vs Zimbabwe

Shane Bond

New Zealand

156.4 km/hr (97.1 mph)

2003 vs India

Here's a detailed look at the list of top-10 fastest bowlers of all-time:

10. Shane Bond (New Zealand ) – 156.4 km/hr

Shane Bond New Zealand
Shane bond (image source: getty images)
Shane bond was a fast, hurtful, and alarming pace covering for the head for new zealand. In a course hurt accompanying harms, bond worked accompanying welcome endurance in the game. In the world cup 2003 against india, the kiwi pacemaker bowled welcome fastest sphere at a speed of 156.4 km/hr. He accepted 87 test wickets, 147 odi wickets, and 27 t20i wickets in welcome tenpins course for the blackcaps.

9. Mohammad Sami (Pakistan) – 156.4 km/hr

Mohammad Sami Pakistan
Mohammad sami
Mohammad sami is the 2nd fastest covering for the head for pakistan in their impartial annals. Known for welcome pace and swing, sami has discreetly bowled the fastest childbirth in impartial at a speed of 164 km/h (101.9 mph) all along an odi. However, it was later recognized as a blame in the speed rhythm for one impartial leaders. Sami acted give welcome fastest globe observe at 156.4 km/hr against zimbabwe in the odi order of 2003. Sami accepted 85 test wickets and 121 odi wickets all along welcome tenpins course for pakistan.

8. Mitchell Johnson (Australia) – 156.8 km/hr

Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell johnson wreaked devastation in the 2013 ashes at home (image source: getty images)
Mitchell johnson was certainly individual of ultimate hurtful pacers in the planet. During welcome prime, he was a runaway equal-champ for australia. The abandoned-arm speedy bowled welcome fastest childbirth in the 2013 ashes at mcg observe 156.8 km/hr. Mitchell johnson has 313 test wickets and 239 odi wickets in welcome impartial course for australia. Johnson performed a critical function in directing the home group to an ashes win accompanying 37 wickets in 2013. The queensland-covering for the head was too a one australia's world cup triumph in 2015.

7. Fidel Edwards (West Indies) – 157.7 km/hr

Fidel Edwards

Fidel edwards of west indies (image source: getty images)
The west indian pace covering for the head fidel edwards fashioned welcome presentation in 2003. His burst upon the setting was obvious accompanying much extensive publicity promoting him all at once of the fastest bowlers in the experience. Fidel bowled welcome fastest transfer against south africa place the caribbean dragster observe 157.7 km/hr. He had a very round-arm operation was frequently believed all at once of the stiffset bowlers to pick from the help.

However, the right-arm pacemaker didn't have a massive impact at the best possible. He accepted 165 test wickets and 60 odi wickets in welcome alive tenpins course for west indies. The 39-old age traditional has even acquired a t20i military conscription for the home succession against sri lanka in 2021.

6. Andy Roberts (West Indies) – 159.5 km/hr

Andy Roberts
Andy roberts terrorized batters all along the late 70s
Andy roberts was few the famous west indian four of something all the while the late 1970s and the early 80s. His fastest transmittal of 159.5 km/hr happened against australia in perth in the old age 1975. Roberts was the first antiguan the one presented west indies at the worldwide level. He was indiscriminate the west indies world cup winning crew in 1975 and 1979. The pace covering for the head chosen a total of 202 test wickets and 87 odi wickets all along welcome risking course for the west indies.

5. Mitchell Starc (Australia) – 160.4 km/hr

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell starc was at welcome ominous best all the while 2015 (image source: getty images)
Mitchell starc is indiscriminate the best and brightest list of abandoned-arm bowlers to have acted the game at the best possible. The australian pacemaker was the maximal hoop-something that exists by taking from or depending on another in two ensuing 50-over world cups in 2015 and 2019. The dragster bowled welcome fastest childbirth at 160.4 km/hr in a test counterpart against new zealand at perth.

The 31-old age traditional has chosen 255 test wickets and 184 odi wickets in welcome course up until now. Despite observing a dip in welcome current accomplishments, starc occurs expected individual of australia's original pacers in the test layout.

4. Jeffrey Thomson (Australia) – 160.6 km/hr

Jeff Thomson

Jeff thomson (photo by bob thomas/getty images)
Jeff thomson was a horrible sight for some batter all the while welcome prime. The departed australian created existence pathetic for most batters all along welcome reign as an australian cricketer. He implanted fear in the minds of the antagonism accompanying welcome thin pace accompanying huge constancy. He brought welcome fastest transmittal at a speed of 160.6 km/hr against west indies at perth in 1975. Partnering accompanying dennis lillee, thomson would compensate ultimate afraid fast tenpins twosome all the while the 1974-75 season. He accepted 200 test wickets and 55 odi wickets 'tween 1972 to 1985.

3. Shaun Tait (Australia) – 161.1 km/hr

Shaun Tait
Shaun tait (image source: cricket australia)
Known for welcome wandering tenpins, shaun tait didn't witness enough accomplishment at the worldwide level for australia. However, he was individual of the fastest bowlers all along the 2010s. He keep only play three tests and 35 odis for australia middle from two points 2004 and 2016. He bowled welcome fastest childbirth against england. The globe was brought at a speed of 161.1 km/hr. The right-arm pacemaker even breach the 100mph impediment against pakistan in a t20i game at melbourne later in welcome course.

2. Brett Lee (Australia) – 161.1 km/hr

Brett Lee fastest Australian bowler

Brett lee was the fastest australian covering for the head of continually (image source: cricket australia)
Brett lee was the fastest australian covering for the head in record and the second-fastest covering for the head of continually. The new south wales performer a horrible australian list of participants all the while the early 2000s. He was a common feature in addition to the variety glenn mcgrath and shane warne. Apart from welcome veracity, it was welcome intimidating pace that worried most batters against him. He hindered the 10o 5 hurdle to give welcome fastest transmittal at 161.1 km/hr against new zealand in 2005 at napier.

The 44-old age-traditional was a important contained australia's world cup-triumphant campaign in 2003 and 2007. In the 2007 t20 world cup, brett even enhanced the first covering for the head to claim a headgear-trick in a t20i equal. In a divine course that crossed almost 13 age, lee snagged almost 700 worldwide wickets for australia.

1. Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) – 161.3 kmph

Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler in the world

Pakistan's shoaib akhtar is the fastest covering for the head in the planet (image source: getty images)
Known as the ‘rawalpindi express', shoaib akhtar is the fastest covering for the head the globe of impartial has always visualized. The right-arm pacemaker from pakistan bowled the fastest transmittal in worldwide impartial all along the cricket world cup 2003. Akhar, the one continually cared for tenpins fast, observe 161.3 km/hr against england at capetown. His belligerent tenpins and singular operation forever grasped the public eye in middle of all the impartial operation.

Akhtar accepted 178 test wickets and 247 odi wickets all the while welcome performing days for pakistan. He now experiences a monstrous fan following in welcome country and is widely acknowledged for welcome reasoning of the game.

Fastest bowlers in the modern opportunities
If duplicate list of bowlers were capable to devise destruction at differing stages in annals, skilled is a current crop of new bowlers the one have existed intelligent to form a monumental impact also. These bowlers power not have disappeared further few of the speeds set by their ancestors, but they are still abundance fast enough to enhance the fastest covering for the head in the experience. The top 10 fast bowlers from the new cycle are:

10. Adam Milne (New Zealand) – 153.28 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Adam milne joins the list of new zealand bowlers the one have happened capable to hit 150 kph speeds accompanying relative ease. The smooth and smooth operation proved for one kiwi is completely various from many of the fast bowlers but he is capable to have a big affect the game accompanying welcome swing and pace. Coming from the country with its own government that has caused many top fast bowlers like shane bond, adam milne has had a opinion to observe and he has accomplished so exceptionally well by striking 153.28 kph in a t20 game against the west indies. On most occasions, welcome average speed is set about 145-150 kph. In current age, though, adam milne has endured from a series of harm questions that have restricted welcome impact. These harms have obviated him from making a tremendous affect the game accompanying 40 odi trick bearing just 41 wickets.

9. Kagiso Rabada (South Africa) – 154.23 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Kagiso rabada is increasing all at once of highest in rank bowlers in the globe. He has happened individual of the key appendages in the south african list of participants for referring to a specifically known amount of age. He is intelligent to turn up welcome pace extremely and this was apparent all the while the ipl 2019. He was intelligent at hand be affiliated with an influential 154.23 kph to manage individual of the fastest spheres in the ipl. On most occasions, though, welcome average speed is about 145 kph. Still, he is individual of the powerful appendages in the south african list of participants. At just 27 age adult in 2022, kagiso rabada precisely has at a great distance to go. He has happened completely powerful in test couples accompanying a enormous 243 wickets once from the 52 test plot. He has existed moderately crawling up the graduated system in different layouts of the game.

8. Wahab Riaz (Pakistan) – 154.5kph

fastest bowler in the world

Wahab riaz has much of potential when it meets expectations transfering a device which heats. Yet, he does not feature situated above of the list but welcome record of 154.5 observe against india in the world cup 2015 is completely a horrible number. On most occasions, the pakistani covering for the head bears to bowl at an average speed of 145 kph. The marvellous pace has frequently happened in bright spells earlier. One of welcome significant importance in the game hopeful the world cup couple against australia in 2015 when he clashed sedately against national shane watson in the equal. In current age, wahab riaz has enhance a doctor when it meets expectations the t20 entertainment and he has promoted in many of the top t20 leagues in the realm.

7. Jofra Archer (England) – 154.65 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Jofra archer is an england cricketer,league,from barbados the one has surpassed in the t20 and worldwide equals. Archer arrived distinction all the while the 2019 world cup when he was acquired as a not on time addition. Still, he continued to establish a noteworthy spell all along the world cup. This was trailed by a bright launching at the ashes when he hit 154.65 kph – welcome fastest sphere still. Even though this place is certainly from making archer the fastest covering for the head in impartial past, it debris a giant attainment nevertheless.

6. Mohammad Hasnain (Pakistan) – 155.1 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Mohammad hasnain has frequently hit the extreme 140s kph, but skilled was individual distinctive sphere at the 2019 caribbean premier league when he hit an marvellous 155.1 kph. Still in the early days of welcome course, mohammad hasnain has still to restrain a routine spot on the group but he has earlier found abundance of kudos. The 22-old age-traditional from sindh in pakistan has promoted in inferior 10 odi plot while he has existed increasing in importance when it meets expectations the t20i plot.

5. Mark Wood (England) – 156.1 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Mark wood is a fast covering for the head from northumberland in england. He has plenty potentials to form completely plenty pace in welcome deliveries and welcome altitude again supports a huge benefit in founding bounce. England has existed completely weak on wood’s status in current age. Even though he usually averages about 150 kph, this english cricketer reached nearly appropriate the fastest covering for the head in the planet by striking 156.1 kph against new zealand in june 2021. Since 2018, wood has existed constituent the ipl accompanying chennai super kings while he has more surpassed in the test plan accompanying 82 wickets from 26 plot.

4. Anrich Nortje (IPL – Rajasthan Royals) – 156.22 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Anrich nortje is individual of the key tenpins property for the delhi capitals and he confirmed welcome value accompanying individual of the fastest spheres always written. A transmittal that hit 156.22 kph against the rajasthan royals fashioned the south african the fastest covering for the head in the globe. In fact, these figures nearly set him as the fastest covering for the head in impartial experiences except that for any additional names. Anrich nortje has happened completely agreeing accompanying the globe and welcome steep pace rattles many batsmen. The 28-old age-traditional has surpassed as a test covering for the head accompanying 47 wickets from 12 couples

3. Umran Malik (IPL – Hyderabad Sunrisers) – 157 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Umran malik is a covering for the head the one has usually hit the 150+ kph mark. The pacemaker from jammu and kashmir was capable to build a record by striking 157 kph in a game against delhi. This sphere in the indian t20 league against delhi power not have fashioned malik the fastest covering for the head in impartial experiences, but it assuredly live well him the fastest indian covering for the head. It is appealing that malik’s former record finished at a comparatively moderate 153.3 kph assorted months before this time record-breaking transmittal. Umran malik is still to enhance an settled name in the indian list of participants.

2. Lockie Ferguson (New Zealand) – 157.3 kph

fastest bowler in the world

New zealand cricketer lockie ferguson is individual of the various fast bowlers from the microscopic country with its own government. The harm to adam milne came into view expected a hole or door in vessel for ferguson, the one has consumed the cloak as a covering for the head the one can usually catch 150 kph deliveries. Ferguson is the key one the new zealand tenpins list of participants and welcome fastest sphere recently was a 157.3 kph against rajasthan royals in 2022. Even though ferguson does contract an illness a succession of harms, he is a powerful armament for the new zealand tenpins list of participants. It is no wonder that ferguson is thought-out individual of the emblematic names in new zealand impartial following in position or time registering 73 wickets in odi plot.

1. Mitchell Starc (Australia) – 160.4 kph

fastest bowler in the world

Mitchell starc is the covering for the head the one spearheads the australian tenpins attack later take over the reins from mitchell johnson. Since 2015, the dragster has existed capable to upset batsmen accompanying welcome capability to hit an astonishing pace while too being completely correct accompanying welcome distance and line. The abandoned-arm pacemaker is likewise completely common for welcome effective yorkers. Even though mitchell starc has existed intelligent to hit the 160 kph on referring to a specifically known amount of occasions, he usually prefers to bowl at 145 kph before bothersome to up the wager when it matters ultimate. For example, a game in perth against new zealand proverb him hit a speed of 160.4 kph. The world cup transmittal live well starc nearly the top of the pile when it meets expectations the fastest covering for the head in the impartial record list. After going home accompanying the player of the tournament title, starc has fast happened individual of the rare entertainers in the australian arrangement.

The 32-old age-traditional from new south wales has existed intelligent to hit 287 wickets in test and 195 wickets in odi couples as of 2022. His odi average is specifically wonderful at just 22.45.