Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History [2022 Updated]

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History [2022 Updated]

The sixes notch by a batsman on the crease are with ultimate exciting importance on the impartial field. The sports fans don’t care if it’s a limited sixer or a grown sixer already the sphere starts winged. But it’s continually a better deal when the sphere flees very far and extreme.

For those vigilant the game, seconds look or be like an forever as they wonder by means of what extreme and long the sphere will flee, either it will land in the palms of a fielder or flee straight into the balcony. Cricket fans will enhance compulsive to impartial by way of the anticipation that builds up in those parts of a second. Let’s pick the top ten most generous sixes in impartial experiences.

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History – Largest Sixes in Cricket

10. Ijaz Ahmed – Pakistan

ijaz ahmed

Six Length 115m
vs Team India
Year 1999
Venue Mohali
Bowler Prasad

Ijaz ahmed pretend few marvellous depictions on the impartial field. He concede possibility have existed a quiet cricketer, but accompanying an powerful 115-beat sixer, he trained to brag to himself and welcome batting style.

It was a counterpart 'tween pakistan and india in mohali in 1999. Surprisingly, skilled were only two sixes in the whole counterpart, two together of that were achieve by ijaz ahmed.

This sixer has implant the public’s thought to this day. Ijaz still intoxicated the unchanging time six against england.

09. Chris Gayle – West Indies

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History

Six Length 116m
vs Team India
Format T20
Venue India
Bowler Yousaf Pathan

Sixes, t20 impartial, and chris gayle are three belongings that have happened connected because the ‘universe boss’ first went down to a t20 age. While gayle is best popular for welcome aggression in authority impartial, he has again dressed the west indies well in t20 internationals all the while welcome opportunity accompanying the crew.

Gayle choose to take the sphere for a toss and hit yusuf pathan’s childbirth for a distance of 116 meters all along welcome crew’s world t20 couple against india.

08. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History

Six Length 117m
vs Team Australia
Year 2005
Venue Perth
Format ODI

Boom boom afridi performs doubly on this list, that is not unexpected. After all, the pakistani cricketer was famous for welcome heartless batting, bearing achieve individual of the fastest one-day international a period of time always accompanying a 37-globe ton.

Afridi act the crease in perth in january 2005, delineating pakistan against australia, when he guided a transmittal into a 117-beat sixer, creating the gymnasium to roar in delight and excitement.

07. MS Dhoni – India

MS Dhoni

Six Length 118m
vs Team Newzealand
Year 2009
Format ODI
Bowler Grant Elliott

Ms dhoni, india’s reliable batsman and individual of the country’s most favorable captains, has continually existed popular for welcome impressive shots, specifically autogiro shots. He is individual of best choice finishers in impartial experiences.

Dhoni, individual of ultimate persuasive hoop-guardian batsmen in current impartial experiences, has nick few of ultimate optically attractive sixes.

During india’s tour of new zealand in march 2009, he hit a giant 118-rhythm six. He hit a glorious try that amazed all, and he didn’t even change to watch at the globe following! That’s self-trust.

06. Mark Waugh – Australia

Mark Waugh

Six Length 120m
vs Team Newzealand
Format Test
Venue Perth
Bowler Daniel Vettori

Mark waugh, australia’s legendary and excessively gifted batsman, was famous for welcome fashionable batting style. He likewise fashioned it upon the list of cricketers the one have hit preeminent supporter sixers in the game’s record. He is individual of defeater in competition australian cricketers always.

Mark waugh hits a daniel vettori transfer for a six of 120 meters that happened in not only attractive runs for australia but too trashing abundant records while batting welcome crew in a test couple against their neighbors, the impartial group in new zealand.

05. Corey Anderson – Newzealand

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History

Six Length 122m
vs Team India
Format ODI
Date 9 Jan, 2014
Bowler Mohammed Shami

Corey anderson currently gestured the head for undemonstrative from the crew in new zealand and gambling in worldwide impartial for the united states of america. However, in of highest quality day international game against india, on 19 january 2014, he had hit a large six while batting.

Corey anderson had a name to hit large sixes apiece period this equal was gambled, and none was startled when he hit the childbirth of the immediately ace indian pacemaker, mohammed shami, for a length of 122 meters.

04. Yuvraj Singh – India

Yuvraj Singh

Six Length 125m
vs Team Australia
Format T20
Venue Australia
Bowler Brett Lee

Yuvraj singh, individual of india’s most extraordinary batsmen, is popular for welcome excellent hits and wonderful field shows. When he hit a enormous sixer of 125 meters all along the twenty-20 world cup equal in australia in september 2007 he erect himself in the list of performers to achieve recognition 10 top most important sixes of impartial.

Brett lee brought the globe and yuvi snagged ultimate memorable six in this place course.

03. Martin Guptill – Newzealand

Martin Guptill

Six Length 127m
vs Team South Africa
Format T20
Venue Wellington
Bowler Lonwabo Tsotsobe

With over 250 sixes in restricted-want impartial for new zealand, the kiwi beginning is individual of ultimate trenchant performers in the planet at the present.

Martin guptill, famous for welcome special six-striking talent, hit individual of the lengthiest sixes in t20 impartial against south africa at westpac stadium in wellington. He hit a giant six off a lonwabo tsotsobe transfer that proceeded 127 meters over the midwicket border.

02. Brett Lee – Australia

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History

Six Length 135+m
vs Team West Indies
Format T20
Year 2007
Bowler Rovman Powell

In right-20 equal against the west indies, australia’s amazingly gifted covering for the head, and the second-fastest covering for the head in impartial experiences, brett lee struck individual of the top ten excellent sixes in impartial record. It was a rovman powell transmittal that finished in the hands of the australian sweetheart.

In the 2005 ashes succession, he first displayed welcome batting abilities. This time, lee work hard accompanying a breaking sound that resounded during the whole of the rowdy garden, shipping the sphere to the gabba’s rooftop! As a covering for the head, he is individual of the fastest bowlers in impartial record.

01. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan

Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket History

Six Length 158m
vs Team South Africa
Format T20
Venue South Africa
Year 2013

Shahid afridi’s 158-rhythm hit in 2013 is ordered first on the list of defeater in competition sixes in impartial record. It was a competition middle from two points pakistan and south africa.

Afridi, before famous as boom boom afridi and the king of sixes, recognized the transfer and instantly shipped it into the abutting golf links.

And it turned into defeater in competition six always in impartial past! It was a strange six! The whole garden exploded accompanying roars to cheer this important chance.

The top 10 substantial sixes in impartial past are:

Shahid afridi – 158m
Brett lee – 135+m
Martin guptil – 127m
Yuvraj singh – 125m
Corey anderson – 122m
Mark waugh – 120m
Ms dhoni – 118m
Shahid afridi – 117m
Chris gayle – 116m
Ijaz ahmed – 115m