India Tour, South Africa Test Highlight Women's FTP

The women's Ashes will break away from the men's series while there will also be firsts against Bangladesh and Ireland as women's Future Tours Program fleshed out

India Tour, South Africa Test Highlight Women's FTP

An important first test couple against south africa and the first continuously test against india in 39 age are focal points of the daughters’s future tours program (ftp) era, while the mothers’s ashes are set break from the alike turn as the fellows to stand unique.

Women's impartial use on a various worldwide era to the husbands's game and is previously between the 2022-25 women’s championship, accompanying the new document design worldwide responsibilities as far as intervening-2026.

Announced contemporary apiece icc, january and early february have happened named as the canopy battlefield for australia's girls to host worldwide succession, arising out of pakistan this summertime, accompanying multi-layout succession against south africa, england and india to attend in after age.

Australia have 11 mutual contests over the next three age in the ftp, apart from three icc tournaments.

The home-and-continuously matchups for the current women’s championship were earlier declared back in may accompanying the ftp increase the analyses of when these tours will happen, in addition to delimiting fenestellas for the immediately-annual icc tournaments.

The mothers's ftp immediately further has clear fenestellas for household t20 tournaments melted in – accompanying the weber wbbl claiming allure spot in october-november. There are immediately casements in the worldwide caldendar for the hundred in england in august, and a aperture has existed devised in february-march introductory the initiate of a girls's ipl.

After their exciting battles in british commonwealth of nations games golden reward equal this period and the t20 world cup ending in 2020, australia is fight visualize much more of india over the coming age accompanying multi-plan succession at home and overseas.

The women's championship sees the top 10 mothers’s crews complicated in a round-robin odi contest, each performing four home and four continuously succession, across a three-old age ending being next or after of mechanical aptitude for the 2025 world cup.

This is the first period it will feature 10 groups, following in position or time ireland and bangladesh – the one australia will two together meet continuously – were amounted to the join.

For australia, it starts in january when they host pakistan in three individual-dayers and three t20is, in front of the 2023 t20 world cup in south africa.

Next june and july australia’s wives will travel to the united kingdom alongside the fathers for the multi-plan ashes.

That ashes order will arrest combination accompanying the sons's tour of the uk, but when england’s wives next travel to australia for the ashes it will affiliate with organization the vacation of 2024-25, a summertime in front of the next visit by england's husbands's test group.

Peter roach, cricket australia’s head of cricket operations and scheduling, pronounced a standalone mothers’s ashes in 2025 was a intense effect was a great effect for australian impartial.

“we recognise our blames to the game everywhere and the helpful impact we can display arising markets and feel this schedule further supports those aims," he pronounced.

“importantly, most of our home content will wait in our favorite fenestration of january and february and guarantees a clear bow for australian cricketers to take part in the wbbl.

“we have visualized the benefits, in two together ability growth and acquiring competency, that emanate partnership in the wbbl and the hundred and it was a joint preference to guarantee these hope persist for performers."

Excitingly, australia will travel to india for a multi-layout succession in the summertime of 2023-24, performing a test, three odis and three t20is.

It will be the first test australia's girls's side have take advantage of indian soil because 1984, when india entertained a four-test order against an aussie side supervise by jill kennare, the one together turns 66 contemporary.

When the current side return from that trip, they will host their first always girls’s test against south africa as one another multi-layout succession in january-february 2024, further accompanying three odis and three t20s.

Australia’s first always odi succession against ireland will be acted in july 2023 following the ashes, while their first mutual odi and t20i tour to bangladesh will be produced in march 2024.

Sri lanka are the only crew australia will not play a mutual order against in the next phase.

Amongst the reciprocal obligations, skilled are immediately annual icc occurrences for girls, and the worldwide supervisory party last period rooted the hosts for each daughters's silvery-globe series expected acted up just before 2027.

South africa, as before concurred, will host the next daughters's t20 world cup in february 2023, and the occurrence will before be accommodated by bangladesh in september-october 2024.

India will stage the next 50-over girls's world cup in september-october 2025, the last icc occurrence to feature in the written ftp.

Beyond that, nevertheless, england will host the mothers's t20 world cup in intervening-2026, and the initiation women's t20 champions cup is in transit sri lanka – liable to be subjected that country with its own government distinguishing for the new six-group series – in february 2027.

Australia will uphold their initiation commonwealth games golden reward on home soil when victoria hosts the next entertainment in 2026, accompanying mothers's impartial earlier rooted expected acted at the occurrence following allure introduction in birmingham.

Australia's wives's performers will again help to evolve the game in expanding markets, even though risks of the planet's best group being complicated in a disparity resources those tours are more inclined be tried by under-19 or australia a outfits and not contained in the ftp.

Australia women's ftp


✈ december: five t20s tour of india

January: three odis* v pakistan (brisbane, sydney) and three t20s v pakistan (sydney, hobart, canberra)

✈ february: t20 world cup – south africa


✈ june-july: multi-layout ashes order in england. One test, three odis* and three t20s

✈ july: three odis* tour of ireland

September-october: three odis* and three t20s v west indies

✈ december-january: multi-plan order in india: individual test, three odis and three t20s

January-february: multi-plan succession v south africa: individual test, three odis* and three t20s

✈ march: three odis* and three t20s tour of bangladesh


✈ september-october: t20 world cup – bangladesh

December: three odis* v india. ✈ three odis* tour of new zealand

January-february: multi-layout ashes order against england. One test, three odis and three t20s

✈ march: three t20 tour of new zealand


✈ september-october: odi world cup – india

January-february: multi-plan succession v india: individual test, three odis and three t20s

February-march: commonwealth games – victoria

✈ signifies order gambled outside australia

* displays icc women's championship odis