FTP In Detail: When Do The Aussie Men Play Each Country?

A country-by-country breakdown of Australia's men's bilateral fixtures from now until the end of the next FTP cycle in mid-2027

FTP In Detail: When Do The Aussie Men Play Each Country?

Australia's sons will gamble 11 countries with its own government from immediately as far as completely of the next future tours program phase in intervening-2027, accompanying a total of 49 test equals, 52 individual-epoch trick and 63 t20 internationals due.

Those figures involve counterparts for the coming 2022-23 vacation, but do not contain equals in icc occurrences.

Perhaps tranquilly, india will be by a long way ultimate common goal for the australia husbands's group, accompanying five separate mutual continuously order due.

But, except for this old age's husbands's t20 world cup, aussie fans and indian expats will should wait as far as the 2024-25 summertime to visualize that crew on our shores repeated, when they visit for that reason will be the first five-test border-gavaskar order.

Australia will have a maximum of 89 days of worldwide sons's impartial against india in the new era – held of 14 tests, six odis and 13 t20is – ultimate they will face some country with its own government, in front of england (72).

South africa, the one australia face in three tests this summertime, are the tertiary most common enemies, accompanying a maximum 50 days due just before completely of the new phase, accompanying 11 individual-epoch plot – the equal containing england that australia will gamble some individual country with its own government.

The west indies will visit australia for test order in order summers this season and next on account of a mannerism of the ftp slating, and the aussies will take their gloss over to the caribbean on a intervening-2025 tour for that reason will be their first test succession skilled in a ten of something.

Bangladesh and ireland will further host australia in the new phase, while sri lanka and pakistan, the one proverb the aussies former this old age, will further visualize bureaucracy visit repeated.

A two-test order against bangladesh in 2027 will visualize australia play home tests in march for the first show up 1979 in what will be a 48-old age first, and will be bangladesh's second test succession on aussie soil subsequently their first visitin a top end tour in july 2003.

Australia is more due to meet afghanistan doubly – in 2024 the crew will travel to play three t20s against the crew, accompanying that order inclined see either in india or the uae, and repeated in northerly australia in august 2026 for that reason will be an late first test betwixt the countries with its own government, in addition to three more t20s.

Below you can visualize painstakingly australia's due appliances against each country with its own government as far as completely of the new ftp in april 2027.


✈ august 2024: three t20s continuously (scene tbc)

August 2026: one test and three t20s (northerly australia)

Tests 1, odis 0, t20s 6


✈ june 2026: three odis and three t20s tour

March 2027: two tests

Tests 2, odis 3, t20s 3


October 2022: three t20s (perth, canberra)

November 2022: three odis (adelaide, sydney, melbourne)

✈ june-july 2023: five-test ashes tour

✈ september 2024: five odis and three t20s tour

December-january 2025-26: five-test ashes order

November-december 2026: three odis and five t20s v england

Tests 10, odis 11, t20s 11


✈ september 2022: three t20 tour (mohali, nagpur and hyderabad)

✈ february-march 2023: four-test border-gavaskar tour

✈ september 2023: three odi tour

✈ november-december 2023: five t20 tour

December-january 2024-25: five-test border-gavaskar order

October-november 2025: three odis and five t20s

✈ january-february 2027: five-test border gavaskar tour

Tests 14, odis 6, t20s 13


✈ august-september 2024: three odis, individual t20

Tests 0, odis 3, t20s 1

New zealand

September 2022: three odis in cairns

✈ february-march 2024: two tests and three t20 tour

✈ october 2025: three t20 tour

December-january 2026-27: three tests

Tests 5, odis 3, t20s 6


December 2023: three tests

November 2024: three odis and three t20s

✈ february 2026: three t20s tour

✈ march 2026: three odi tour

Tests 3, odis 6, t20s 6

South africa

December-january 2022-23: three tests (brisbane, melbourne, sydney)

✈ september 2023: five odis and three t20s

August 2025: three odis and three t20s (expected performed in northerly australia)

✈ september-october 2026: three tests and three odis tour

Tests 6, odis 11, t20s 9

Sri lanka

✈ february 2025: two-test tour

Tests 2, odis 0, t20s 0

West indies

October 2022: two t20s (gold coast, brisbane)

December 2022: two tests (perth, adelaide)

January 2024: two tests

February 2024: three odis and three t20s

✈ june-july 2025: two tests, three odi and three t20s tour

Tests 6, odis 6, t20s 8


August 2022: three odis in townsville

Tests 0, odis 3, t20s 0

✈ displays order acted outside australia