Australia's FTP: Who,Where and When Until 2027

Every bilateral series and ICC event for Australia's senior men's and women's teams for the next five years, as laid out in the Future Tours Program

Australia's FTP: Who,Where and When Until 2027

There's plenty detail to consume from the new future tours program that designs all country with its own government's worldwide obligations as far as intervening-2027, so attending we've reliable to manage smooth for aussie fans to digest what their group is due expected achievement for the next few age.

There are separate ftp eras for the fellows's and daughters's game - the mothers are previously into their new ftp era that runs just before january 2025, and while few succession have existed break in further that, skilled's sphere skilled for succeeding additional for australia's all-victorious commonwealth games golden medallists.

The new brothers's program doesn't in an official manner start as far as april next period, but beneath we have filed all due australian guys's and wives's couple therefore to present fans a adequate exact likeness what's happening upon the almanac (robber: oodles!)

We've contained the icc occurrences, that are immediately an annual occurance for two together husbands's and wives's impartial, and that, in addition to the miscellaneous household t20 leagues about the realm, have conceived a squeeze on the almanac for reciprocal impartial, compelling worldwide appliances into more compressed casements, specifically likely most countries with its own government have the unchanging peak ending as the australian vacation.

You'll notice an ipl-judge dent in husbands's schedule occurring from intervening-march completely of may, while england have emptied august for their hundred event and ca have reliable to tread a fine line to present the bbl as much clear air as attainable in january in addition to fulfil their responsibilities. This is specifically difficult in early 2027, when the continuously border-gavaskar test tour to india will start intervening-january accompanying the aussies retracing to host test impartial at aim attention at march.

"With india that is to say the casement they labeled as their favorite, while we recognize our chosen as december-january," pronounced ca's head of operations and scheduling, peter roach. "We need to deliver to exchanging. It's various, but we still see it's still impartial season."

Of course, the ftp is uncertain. Adjustments to the structure of order were in preparation right up just before the document was written for one icc, and skilled was abundance of shift from what was planned in the former document, even before the all-encompassing universal hit. But as legitimate immediately, in this place's what's coming.

Australia men


August: three odis v zimbabwe (townsville)

September: three odis v nz (cairns). ✈ three t20 tour of india (mohali, nagpur and hyderabad)

October: two t20s v west indies (gold coast, brisbane). Three t20s v england (perth, canberra)

October-november: t20 world cup (australia)

November: three odis v england (adelaide, sydney, melbourne)

December: two tests v west indies (perth, adelaide)

December-january: three tests v south africa (brisbane, melbourne, sydney)

✈ february-march: four test tour of india


✈ june: world test championship ending – lord's (if skillful)

✈ june-july: five test ashes tour of england

✈ september: five odis and three t20s tour of south africa. ✈ three odi tour of india

✈ october-november: odi world cup india

✈ november-december: five t20 tour of india

December: three tests v pakistan

January: two tests v west indies

February: three odis and three t20s v west indies

✈ february-march: two tests and three t20s tour of nz


✈ june: t20 world cup – usa/windies

✈ august: three t20s v afghanistan (area tbc)

✈ august-september: three odis, individual t20 tour of ireland

✈ september: five odis and three t20s tour of england

November: three odis and three t20s v pakistan

December-january: five-test border-gavaskar order v india

✈ february: two-test tour of sri lanka

✈ february-march: icc champions trophy (50-over) test in pakistan


✈ june: world test championship ending – lord's (if restricted)

✈ june-july: two tests, three odi and three t20 tour of the west indies

August: three odis and three t20s against south africa (to be acted in northerly australia)

✈ october: three t20 tour of new zealand

October-november: three odis and five t20s v india

December-january: five-test ashes order against england

✈ february: three t20s tour of pakistan

✈ february-march: t20 world cup in india and sri lanka

✈ march: three odis tour of pakistan


✈ june: three odis and three t20s tour of bangladesh

August: one test and three t20s v afghanistan (northerly australia)

✈ september-october: three tests and three odis tour of south africa

November-december: three odis and five t20s v england

December-january: three tests v new zealand

✈ january-february: five-test border-gavaskar series tour of india

March: two tests v bangladesh